Neuroscience & Energy healing


My courses are not always bookable at all times. I open registration for a certain period and then close it again for an indefinite period. So please check back here regularly to see which course I am currently offering. Or follow me on Instagram to be notified. You are also notified if you subscribe to my newsletter. 
Additionally, there are always only a limited number of places for participants, in both my offline and my online courses. As my work is primarily based on energtic field work, this is to ensure the quality of my work.

Your Space For Growth.

Personal 1:1 coaching

Growth. Deep. Transformation is You.
Your growth. Your healing and integration.
Your energetic expansion.

At the moment there are two personal programs: EXPANSION and/or KNOW THYSELF.

The Secret of Energy.


Reconnect. Retreat. Energy.
Freedom. Energy. Integration.

Limitless Awareness.

Remember how to see.

True Awareness.
What do you see? 
What is real and how can you work with what you perceive?
Deepening your awareness for your fair advantage in everyday life as well as your work as a healer, therapist, speaker, performer or in a position in the private sector.
Being aware is always good.

Wheel of time.

Travel through time.

Wheel of time.
Is something repeating itself again and again, as if you were in a time loop?
Learn to become aware of and integrate blocked energy. So that you are free to create your life. Learn how your field will no longer be determined by the old, but by your higher self. 

Energetic training EVOLVE.

How to create a fulfilling life with your energy.
How to work with others with your energetic field through integration.
Holding space.

3-part training in energetic coaching.

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Training to become an energetic coach who works free and unbound. It will demand primarily one thing from you, everything that is not you. If you are looking for authenticity and depth that allows your field to shine authentically and you want to inspire others with your freedom, you have come to the right place.


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How do you work with your energy?
How does all this actually work? Understanding energy work and experiencing it in your own body. 
This seminar is online.


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Which techniques can you use to get to know yourself better? To become more free and thus deepen your field for working with others. The focus lies on integration in your own field. And a purer connection with yourself. Learn easy effective techniques that you can use in your everyday life and your work as a healer, coach, trainer, doctor.


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You want to know: Who are you when you are free?
Get to know yourself at a depth that knows no detours, only authenticity. This will allow you to truly deepen your field for your work. Whose effects reach far beyond your work.