Spirituality & Science

In an interdisciplinary field of growth.
Your expansion.

The depth, trust and connectedness of spirituality.
The magic of the moment.
The wonders of nature, true healing.
You want connection, true growth. The connection and thus embodiment, with grounding, authenticity, knowledge and life, science.

In my spaces you will always be challenged to look inwards, to awaken. Again and again.
And also to come into the very concrete realisation. To live.
To actually embody your true self more and more.

Freedom. Growth. Healing.

I work primarily with my awareness.
Release blocked energy with energetic healing and profit from the neuroscientific knowlegde to heal, expand your energetic system and take a step further towards the realisation of your goals.

Energy healing

Solving problems on an energetic level. Crossing the border to infinity.
In every 1:1 coaching session we work with your energetic signature. We combine the latest coaching tools, ancient knowledge and channelings from the spiritual world. These tools are customised for you in each moment. This allows you:

  • to experience freedom and the opportunity to take full responsibility to design your own life
  • to have more energy
  • to expereince fulfilment in your life
  • to embody spiritual growth grounded in your daily experience


Neuroscience focuses on your nervous system and your brain power. Energy work focuses on your freedom and the embodiment of your soul. The connection between these two areas enables you to grow in your:

  • Personal development based on science
  • Quality of life that combines the physical and energetic levels
  • Your brain health and brain performance
  • A deep understanding of physical-spiritual qualities

Frederike Abend B.A. & M.Sc.

The best of both worlds, merging spirit and matter.
The impossible becomes possible when you take the first step.
Discover and embody the marvellous in everyday life.

How you create from the field of infinite possibilities.
Frederike Abend

Neuroscientist & Energy healer
> 1000 individual coaching sessions
> 100 seminars

just loving what I do.