About me

Your whole life is an invitation to embody your true self.

Even as a small child, I was confronted with my clairvoyance, which led to many challenges and associated areas of growth for me and those around me. Even though high sensitivity allows access to spiritual worlds, past and future lives and knowledge from these fields, embodying the energy here in everyday life is just as important to me. A burnout, inexplicable panic attacks for years and a diagnosis of an illness that could not be cured according to conventional medicine led me to my first Reiki training in 2008. This was followed by many more energetic training courses, during which I led over 100 practice groups and seminars. The supposedly opposing forces of high sensitivity, energetic abilities and the desire for true embodiment challenge me and therefore allow me to find solutions. The connection of spirit and matter allows me to grow and drives me forward. I passionately pass on this knowledge in individual sessions, seminars and mentoring programs.